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Product Review| KAYPEE BABY Nursing Wear, Breastfeeding-Friendly Blouses and Dresses - Happy Pinay Mommy

As a mom who has been breastfeeding non-stop for the past couple of years, nursing clothes are definitely heaven sent. The stingy mom (take note about the word mom, not person because I loved shopping before I had kids) in me though prevents me from buying a lot of nursing dresses and blouses because I would rather save up for the kids' needs and wants than indulging myself.


Text copied from Happy Pinay Mommy:

Product Review| KAYPEE BABY Nursing Wear, Breastfeeding-Friendly Blouses and Dresses

By: Mommy Fran

Kaypee Baby Nursing Wear and Breastfeeding Clothes

As a mom who has been breastfeeding non-stop for the past couple of years, nursing clothes are definitely heaven sent. The stingy mom (take note about the word mom, not person because I loved shopping before I had kids) in me though prevents me from buying a lot of nursing dresses and blouses because I would rather save up for the kids’ needs and wants than indulging myself.

Nursing bras, nursing tanks and a couple of nursing clothes and dresses augmented the breastfeeding-friendly clothes that make up my whole wardrobe. My clothes shopping motto was, if I can easily nurse in it, and it looks good on me, it is sold.

Enter this Kaypee Baby Nursing Clothes Product Review that my lovely editor delegated to me, which I super, super appreciate. I had six items to review: (1) Nursing Bra; (2) A Printed Flowy Sleeveless Blouse; (3) A Damask-Print Blouse; (4) A Dress, which they call “Duchess Dress;” (5) A Rashguard; and (6) A Mom and Daughter Blouse.

Kaypee Baby Nursing Bra

Nursing Bras that are affordable but great to wear have always been elusive for me. The Nursing Bras that I liked would set me back around Php2,000.00. And this is why Kaypee Baby Nursing Brassiere came as a breath of fresh air.

Kaypee Baby Nursing Bra

Kaypee Baby Nursing Bra is comfy, convenient, has girly designs, and fits the budget well!

It is comfortable to wear, and it provides the support that I need given that this time around, I feel like my breasts are larger because of tandem nursing. Moreover, it adequately provides padding for my nipples. Its nursing feature is also very convenient to use. As for the design, I can say that it is nice and dainty – and definitely suits my girly taste.

The cost is also a huge plus, as it is only at P99.00. Yes, you read it right, it is LESS THAN P100!!!! The price tag will definitely make it easy for someone like me to buy even a dozen!

Kaypee Baby Nursing Blouses

The Kaypee Mommy also sent over three nursing blouses for me to try and review. My Instant favorite was the Black Damask printed Blouse.

It is called Shae Blouse, and honestly, it gave me a boost of confidence because it hid my post partum fat! Yes, the cut is forgiving, and it is very feminine which brought out the kikay in me. As for the nursing convenience factor, both my toddler and infant can happily nurse at the same time without me having to show much skin. I just have to lift up the flowy panel and my two nurslings can tandem feed with ease! It is also worth mentioning that my babies did not feel uneasy with the fabric of the blouse because it is soft and smooth! And did I mention that it is just P198.00? This blouse is even perfect for church mommies!

kaypee baby nursing blouse

kaypee baby nursing blouse

I chose the photo above to demonstrate how easy and discreet one can nurse a toddler who likes to “strike anywhere” even while standing up.

The second blouse that I reviewed was the sleeveless printed flowy blouse. Like the Shae blouse, it provided easy nursing access, and the cut plus the design is forgiving for a mom who may have gained weight. You just have to lift the front fabric detail and presto, your baby can nurse discreetly ASAP! The fabric (which is called ITY) is also soft and cool to the skin, perfect for the summer weather. I wore it over a pair of leggings and tried to pair it with shorts and I felt I looked great! The best news about this blouse is that it is just P119.00.

Kaypee baby nursing wear

As you can see my little nursling was able to breastfeed discreetly from me during our nursing session in the supermarket. Truly, this Kaypee baby nursing wear is comfy band convenient!

The third blouse was a bit checkered, and made of waffle fabric. It is called “Kayee” and in the website it was described as an off-shoulder sexy blouse with ¾ sleeves. At first glance, I had a hard time figuring out how to wear it, but when I realized its cut, then I have surmised that it is a blouse with two nursing access points! You can have your child nurse from the two concealed side nursing access, or nurse from the usual underneath the panel access. It can also be comfortably worn by a pregnant momma.

What I liked about this blouse (which is also the mommy pair of the twinning clothes that the Kaypee Mommy sent me) is that it is cool to the skin and comfortable to wear. It is also great that it has two nursing access points! My toddler actually thinks the side access is great as she did not have a hard time nursing while standing up next to me or even when laying on my lap (The first two that I mentioned above provided a nursing pocket underneath a flowy detail of the blouse). This blouse is also a steal for just P188.00.

Kaypee baby nursing wear

Kaypee baby nursing wear allows you to breastfeed comfortably anywhere!

Kaypee Baby Nursing Rash Guard

This Rash Guard Set was the Ultimate Problem Solver for me this summer season because it allows me to discreetly nurse my children even by the pool or the beach. This is especially because with my battle scars AKA stretch marks, raising my rash guard would kind of be unsightly. Do not get me wrong though, I’m proud to have these scars but I need a bit more toning in the abdomen and lose some post partum fat before I could raise that rash guard gloriously for my little ones to nurse!

Here’s an official photo of the rashguard that The Kaypee Mommy sent me, plus another one that showed the nursing access points of the rashguard.

RS Kaypeebaby nursing rashguard

The Kaypee Baby Nursing Rash Guard is definitely a great summer deal. For just P298.00 you can breastfeed your nursling comfortably whether in the beach, or by the poolside!

For now, Ill be more than happy to have the Kaypee Baby Breastfeeding-Friendly Rash Guard to help me get through the summer confidently. Most of the designs I saw in the website were solid colors, but the one Kaypee Baby sent me was black, with red floral designs. The nursing access was on its sides, and for me it is already a great value at Php298.00. Why great value? Because department store bathing suits are usually at an almost Php400-500.00 per pair and these do not have nursing access, so at this price point, the Kaypee Baby breastfeeding-friendly rash guards are already a value for money choice.

Kaypee Baby Nursing Dress

Kaypeee Baby also sent me a summer dress to review. It is called Duchess Dress and it has slits on its sleeves. At first I was kind of dumbfounded as to how to wear the dress given the many slits as well as its style in general, but once I have figured it out, I realized that it will be very easy to nurse in this dress. And I was not wrong. I could nurse discreetly from the side wearing this dress.

Im showing you this official photo they gave me of the dress, because I might not be able to give justice to the cut of the dress.

Kaypee baby nursing dresses are all cool and comfy to the skin.

Kaypee baby nursing dresses are all cool and comfy to the skin.

The fabric is also soft and cool to the skin, so you can nurse without worrying that your baby’s skin may already be rubbing on to something rough. The dress costs P349.00 only so for a summer dress, it is already a great deal.

Kaypee Baby Twinning Clothes

The twinning/mother and daughter clothes that the Kaypee Mommy sent me was nice, and especially dainty for my eldest. We have about half a dozen twinning clothes from other mom and daughter brands, but this one from Kaypee Baby is unique because the mommy blouse has a nursing access!

Here’s the official photo from plus our “when worn” version:

Kaypee Baby Twinning Clothes

Kaypee Baby Twinning Clothes

The daughter dress can also double up as a blouse if she is relatively taller already, and it could pass off as a dress for a toddler. This means your daughter can use it for a longer period of time, or if you have a younger toddler girl, they can take turns using it.

It is made of waffle fabric and is free-sized, can be worn by two to four year old girls.

At an unbelievable price of P68.00, it definitely a great deal which can be used as an OOTD or even during a photo shoot.

Nursing Comfort, Mom Style, and Great Value Combined

All in all, I liked the Kaypee Baby line of breastfeeding clothes. Not because they asked me to review their products, but objectively speaking, the clothes are designed really with the Breastfeeding Filipina in mind. These are the winning points for me:

  1. Pure nursing comfort and convenience. The clothes are breastfeeding friendly, taking into consideration both the comfort of the mom who wishes to breastfeed discreetly, and the baby who should remain comfortable while nursing.
  2. Most of the designs are forgiving, especially for moms who are still trying to lose that Post Partum belly. And we all know that when we dress nicely, our confidence gets an extra boost.
  3. The clothes are perfect for Philippine Weather. The problem with some nursing clothes that are bought abroad is that it may not be too airy or cool to the skin. Kaypee Baby nursing clothes took this into consideration.
  4. Wash and Wear. If only I could put this as my number one reason, I would. Being a yayaless mom of very young children, I do not have time to iron my clothes. Good thing the blouses Mommy Sienne sent over does not require ironing. It can go directly from your clothesline to your cabinet!

So for those of you who are looking out for affordable yet nice and comfy breastfeeding-friendly everyday tops, blouses, dresses, brassiere, or even swimwear, check out Kaypeebaby nursing wear through their online store at They also have other products such as maternity clothes, fitted cloth diapers, nursing ponchos, and kiddie clothes.

They also have gift cards, which for me, are perfect gifts during a baby shower, and for your breastfriends!

When shopping through their website, they accept BDO, BPI, Paypal, and payments coursed through 7-11 branches. They ship nationwide too. For mommies in Manila, their products are displayed at Mondaze Boutique at the Upper Ground Floor of Robinsons Metro East, in Marcos Highway. They also are available in Greenhills, particularly at SEWN + Exhibit which is at the lower ground floor of shoppesville in Greenhills Shopping Center.

If you would like to have your product or service reviewed by, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our facebook page, or checkout this link.

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