Bra Extender (Assorted Colors)

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Triumph Overruns
This is really Size 32 (most are incorrectly tagged).
Frame Size for our Size 32 Bras: 26-28 inches
To check your size:
Measure your underbust.  This is the frame size.
If it is between 26-28 inches, you will fit perfectly.
If it is between 28-29 inches (Size 34), you will still fit, but, you'll need to buy a bra extender.  It only costs PhP 20 if you buy from us.
In case your frame size is over 28 inches, you may buy a bra extension which further extends the size to Size 34 (actual).
Notes on overruns:
Overruns can be damaged goods, rejected goods or cancelled goods.
They are original brands but some VERY slightly damaged.
They may have minor flaws which includes tiny alikabok, stains, loose threads, wrong tag (e.g. Size 40 daw pero 36 lang talaga).
These are bawal sa maarte.
Size Guide:

 If Your Under Bust Size is:

Your Bra Size is:

Extends up to this size

*with our bra extender

26-28 inches Size 32 Size 34
29-30 inches Size 34 Size 36
31-32 inches Size 36 Size 38
If you are having doubts about your size, we recommend buying our bra extender for PhP 20 only.
bra size



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