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Mommy Gladys Reyes - Sommereux wears Kaypee Baby!

Images are from Mommy Gladys' and Sis Janice'Instagram page.


Please watch Moments @ Net25

You may watch Mommy Gladys while wearing Kaypee Baby nursing wear via live streaming at - 7pm and Sundays (replay) - 2pm


Mommy Gladys

To our dearest Clara, Thank you very much for supporting our humble line of breastfeeding wear.  Kudos for breastfeeding Baby Cale  in between tapings!  To all working moms out there, kaya nyo din ito.  Kapit lang mga besh!


Sis Janice

Sis Janice is Mommy Gladys' sister.  She is a blogger, Associate Producer, PR & Marketing Manager.  A proud INC, mother of two and an event host.  She is very supportive of her sister.  You'll see her wear Kaypee Baby too!