Tracking Orders

When do you send tracking numbers?

We send e-mails regarding your tracking numbers once we pack your pouches.  Sometimes, your packed packages are not picked up by courier immediately.  If this happens, you'll see an error or "tracking number not found" message on the screen.  Please wait for 1-3 days to track your packages again.


How do I track my shipment?

Enter the tracking number which was sent to you via email to the tracking box below.


I cannot access my email.  Where can I see my tracking number?

Tracking numbers may also be accessed by logging in to our website and checking the history of your orders.


Tracker cannot find my tracking number.  How do I solve this?

Go to the Xend website by clicking this link. Please allow 1-3 days before tracking your packages.


My address is provincial.  When I track my parcel, it says my orders are held or undelivered.  How do I resolve this?

Send a PM via the Xend facebook page.  Request for followups on your parcels.  Xend personnel have great customer service and replies within the day.  Please be patient.